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AFL Masters Adelaide 2014 Pine Creek Pictures Photography

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Geelong Sports Photography

AFL Masters National Carnival, Geelong 2017



To order a composite print, choose your favourite image via the ordering system, select the composite size
& write down the numbers of the other photos in the comments box. Also, add the player's name and any
other wording you would like in the comments box.
We'll email you a proof first so you can check everything is OK

12" x 18" - $95 plus $5 postage

16" x 20" - $135 plus $5 postage

If you don't have a definite favourite for the middle we are happy to do up a design for you.
There are two options - the 12" x 18" has 3-5 images and the 16" x 20" has 5-7 images.
Once the layout is approved, the print will then be mailed to you in a tube so that you can have it framed where you live.


An Audio Visual DVD of the 3 slide shows you watched on the night will be available for $50 incl $5 postage
this runs for approximately 15 minutes and flicks through a variety of images set to music......

Click on the image below if you would like to order a copy



If you were in an All Australian Team Photo you are entitled to receive a copy!

The All Australian Photos are available here via dropbox

Dropbox should notify us to share the folder with you



Players receive one copy of their team photo for the team they are registered to play in (as this is part of their carnival levy).
Team photos for managers, coaches, trainers & runners etc. can be purchased & posted to you

Extra Copies of Team Photos
are available for $20 each plus postage - click here to order

Game Action Shots, Spectators & Opening Ceremony etc..


This is a very simple system, it is not clever. It does not handle orders from different folders in one order.
For example, if you would like to order some spectator shots as well as some
action game shots, please create a separate order.
We will tie them together this end & process them as one.

This year we have a package of all the digital images
of one player for $135 (even if you played in different teams).
You can order via this system or just email us a list of the images you'd like.

There is no automatic payment charged to your credit card - Lisa processes them all manually.
For internet banking our details are Pine Creek Pictures Westpac BSB 034193 Acc 155783
Please put your name as a reference & let us know via email. Thank you!

If you are struggling then please email us & we will help you.
Happy Viewing!

 Spectators & Ceremony

  Runners & Water Carriers

  Hall of Fame Night


Presentation Night




 ACT 35-40


 ACT 45


Black Ducks 45


Black Ducks Women


NSW 45


NSW 55


NSW 60


NSW Women


NT 45


NT 55


Presidents Women


QLD 35-40 D1


 QLD 35-40 D2


 QLD 45 D1


QLD 45 D3 


QLD 50


QLD 55


QLD 60


QLD Women


SA 35-40


SA 45


SA 50


SA 60


SA Women


TAS 35-40


TAS 45


TAS 50


TAS 55


TAS Women


VIC Country 35-40 D1


VIC Country 35-40 D2


VIC Country 45 D1


VIC Country 45 D2


VIC Country 50 D1


VIC Country 50 D2


VIC Country 55


VIC Country 60


VIC Country Women


Vic Metro 35-40


VIC Metro 45 D1


VIC Metro 45 D3


VIC Metro 50 D1


VIC Metro 50(1) D2


VIC Metro 50(2) D2


VIC Metro 55(1)


VIC Metro 55(2)


VIC Metro 60(1) - Sorry No images


 VIC Metro 60(2)


 VIC Metro Women


 DVD Slideshow

Team Photos

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