Birding Trip Reports



2008 "Papua New Guinea, Two short trips"

PAU/Varirata/Brown River/Hisui/Kumul Lodge

2009 "Papua New Guinea, Always Expect the Unexpected"

PAU/Varirata/Brown River/Tari


2009 "The Search for the Mythical Blue Bird of Paradise"

Kama/Kumul Lodge/Brown River/PAU

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2009 "The Revenge of the Chiggers"

Madang/Keki Lodge

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2010 "Paradise at the End of the World"

Alotau, Normanby Island

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2011 "Parrots & Oil Palms"

New Britain

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2019 "Isurava"

Isurava Village, Kokoda Track

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2012 "The Fabled Isles of Wallacea"

Sulawesi & Halmahera

Illustrated report - Text only

2016, "Nimbokrang"

Nimbokrang, West Papua

Illustrated Report - Text Only

2017 "Paradise found in the Rajah Ampats"

Waigeo Island (and Timika), West Papua

Illustrated Report - Text only


2017 Puncak Trikora & the Snow Mountain Robin

Snow Mountains. West Papua

Illustrated Report - Text only


These pages give detail to some of the expeditions and activities by Dominic Chaplin to Papua New Guinea & Indonesia

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